when do the 2018 winter olympics end
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You watch the events when you can catch them, you saw the steamy ice skating routine that almost broke the Internet and you hit refresh on the medal count for 2018 Olympics every morning, but you’re not quite sure when all the fun and games comes to a close. When do the 2018 Winter Olympics end, exactly?


The PyeongChang Olympics entered their final week already, and the hysteria over the athletes and hype over the country rivalries are already winding down. Primetime coverage of the Olympic events on the second Wednesday of the games — last night, Wednesday, February 22 — showed a steep decline in ratings, Variety reports. We’re all ready, it seems, for the closing ceremonies.


So, when do the 2018 Winter Olympics end?

Answering when do the 2018 Winter Olympics end depends on what you consider the finale: the final sporting event or the closing ceremony. Although the only difference is time. The final day of the PyeongChang Olympics is this Sunday, February 25.


when do the 2018 winter olympics end hockey


On Sunday, the final Olympic events — including women’s individual figure skating and the gold medal games for both women’s curling and men’s hockey, to name only a few — take place throughout the day. (Remember, there’s a severe time difference between the U.S. and PyeongChang, so “throughout the day” is subjective.) The final medal count is calculated after the last Olympic event is over and the winners decided.


When is the closing ceremony?

If all of your favorite events have already happened and now you’re just waiting for the closing ceremony, you’re going to want to set a reminder to tune into your small screen on Sunday, February 25 at 8:00 p.m. EST on NBC.

The actual closing ceremony takes place in PyeongChang at what is 6:00 a.m. EST, which is probably before your Monday morning coffee, so we’re guessing you want to catch NBC’s evening broadcast instead.