where did otis nixon go
Otis Nixon went missing for 48 hours this past weekend. Getty Images

If you liked baseball and grew up in the 80s or 90s, you were well aware of who Otis Nixon was. In addition to being a base-stealing machine for those excellent Atlanta Braves teams, Nixon also spent the 1994 season as a member of the Red Sox.

Nixon made the news this week because he went missing for over 48 hours. He was seen leaving his Woodstock, Georgia home at 10 a.m. on Saturday for a golf outing. He never arrived at the course, and Woodstock police asked for help from the public in locating the 58-year-old on Sunday.

Nixon was found safe on Monday afternoon, but the wire reports were vague as hell regarding his disappearance.

What the hell happened to Otis here?!


The guy was arrested for crack possession a few years back, but no word on if drugs played a factor in this odd incident.


Ric Flair walks into a bar …

Ric Flair looked like he was 75-years-old in 1992. Today, he looks like the brother of the crypt keeper.

The years have not been kind to ol’ Nature Boy – but he’s lived quite the life. No one parties as hard on a nightly basis than the 68-year-old Flair.

Flair was reportedly hammered on a nice, quiet Sunday night in Fort Wayne, Indiana this week and got kicked out of a bar there after being present for “roughly five minutes.”

According to the Indianapolis Star, he called the bartender a “fat ass” and was generally “acting like a moron.”

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