Where when can you buy new LeBron Lakers jersey
LeBron James gave us a taste of himself wearing Lakers colors earlier this month. Getty Images

The Kobe Bryant era Lakers tried to distance themselves from the Showtime Lakers in a way, using slightly altered jerseys and a slightly altered court at the Staples Center. But with Magic Johnson now running the show in Los Angeles and with LeBron James signed up and good to go, we’re going to get to those glorious Showtime jerseys back. If they stick to just yellow for home games and purple for away games like the good old days, even better. Here is a look at Where when can you buy new LeBron Lakers jersey and more information on the authentic deal. 

The Lakers official new uniforms will be available at Modell’s Sporting Goods starting on Monday and, of course, the No. 23 LeBron jerseys are going to go quick. Unlicensed NBA retailers have obviously been selling these pups, but we didn’t know until Wednesday that the Lakers were definitely going with the 1980s throwback uniforms. Modell’s accidentally leaked the swanky jerseys on Twitter for the world to see.

They quickly deleted the post.




The LeBron Lakers uniform currently selling at the store at NBA.com is currently going for a cool $249.99 but it is in the Kobe era style and is customized.

Where when can you buy new LeBron Lakers jersey authentic


Where when can you buy new LeBron Lakers jersey - authentic?

LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers jersey was the second top selling jersey in the NBA from April to June 2018 with only Golden State’s Stephen Curry ahead of him. LeBron’s former teammate, Kyrie Irving, came in third with his new Celtics jersey getting some love. Fourth was Golden State’s Kevin Durant, fifth was the Sixers’ Ben Simmons, sixth was the Rockets’ James Harden and No. 7 was Boston’s Jayson Tatum.

If you can’t wait until Monday, you can pre-order the 2018-19 LeBron James Icon Edition Swingman jersey at this link. Where when can you buy new LeBron Lakers jersey is what all Los Angeles fans want to know.

No word on if the Lakers will be bringing back the all yellow home court that was featured during the Magic era Lakers at the Fabulous Forum. The current Staples Center design features a whole lot of purple.

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