Who are the Lady Gagas of the sports world?

Lady Gaga has more in common with sports than you think.

Lady Gaga’s lasting memory in the sports world was a flurry of middle fingers at a Yankees game last season. Gaga, though, has more in common with sports than you think.

Consider the athletes you follow. They’re trend-setters. They’re flashy. They’re original. They’re a little weird (in a good way).

Here are some of the Gaga-est athletes on the globe. Let’s just hope we never see any of them in a meat dress.

Icon on the brink

Kevin Durant
If you watch the NBA, you can’t miss this guy. Dude dropped 39 points in Game 7 of the West finals — he’s going to be huge for years.


Ron Artest
There have been some real negatives in Artest’s career. That’s not why he’s in this space. Spend 10 minutes watching his postgame interviews on YouTube, then tell us Artest isn’t the most interesting — and most misunderstood — man in the NBA.


Dennis Rodman
A boa, technicolor hair or a wedding dress. It all works for The Worm, who just had his jersey retired at a strip club. We can’t wait for his HOF induction outfit.

Attention seeker

Chad Ochocinco
He’s never met a QB he didn’t hate and a bit of publicity he didn’t like. He just rode a bull for 1.5 seconds, making him the only NFL player worth talking about during the lockout.