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Who got kicked off 'Dancing with the Stars' last night? Nancy Grace!

Perhaps we were wrong about this HLN hoofster.

Perhaps we spoke too soon about Nancy Grace.

Yesterday, we admired the spirit and gumption the HLN hoofster had displayed on this season of "Dancing with the Stars," arguing that she was having an MVP season, at least in terms of putting herself continuously in the spotlight. Last night ohowever, that spotlight went out forever, as Nancy was kicked off after her spiritedly sexy tango failed to sway the American people.

We said our piece on Nancy's performance yesterday, and we stand by it today. So instead of further dissecting her routine, let us remember the happy times of Nancy Grace's journey on "Dancing with the Stars."

It all began this past August, when Grace's casting was first announced. "Nancy Grace is joining DWTS," we opined, "and there's nothing you can do to stop her." So flush with innocence we were!

But it was only a month later that the scales fell from our eyes. While finishing up her quickstep routine, one of Grace's Nancies broke loose from her top. Suddenly, after years of reporting on them, Grace was the subject of a scandal in her own right. (At the risk of editorializing, we thought the whole thing was ridiculous. You could barely see anything -- and even if you could, why the waves of revulsion? Nancy Grace is not a bad-looking woman.)

After that, things got ridiculous. A farting scandal? Really? Is this the depths we've sunk to in our desire to humiliate the woman? Good riddance to DWTS, we say. Nancy was too good for you.

(Although there is one last thing worth speculating on. By speaking out on political issues from the DWTS set, could Grace have broken some mythical unspoken "Dancing with the Stars" law and been cursed by a vengeful ghost?)

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