Sister Jean has become an international sensation. Getty Images

Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt has risen to college basketball stardom these past few weeks. So who, exactly, is this charming old lady who pops up on our TV screen every few minutes? Sister Jean is a 98-year-old nun who has been the chaplain of the Loyola Chicago men's basketball teams since 1994. 

A chaplain is a clergyman who is in charge of a chapel.

Sister Jean gives the members of the Loyola Chicago team spiritual guidance, as well as basketball advice. 

"She's like another coach," Ramblers guard Donte Ingram told the Chicago Tribune. "My first game (as a freshman) it caught me off guard. I thought she was just going to pray. She prayed, but then she starts saying, 'You've got to box out and watch out for 23.'


"She knows her stuff. She's up on it. She's not just there to clap, but she also lifts you up. There's times I didn't play up to my abilities and Sister Jean will be like, 'You'll get them next time, Donte.'"

Sister Jean religiously (pun intended) attends all of the Loyola Chicago home games - though she missed nine games this season after she fell off a curb and broke her hip. That's the reason for the wheelchair, but as anyone who has watched Sister Jean this March knows - her spirits are always sky high.

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