Whenever there was a ceremony for anybody in the Yankees family, George Steinbrenner was the master of ceremonies. Last night, Steinbrenner’s presence was the cause of a lavish celebration.


“I don’t know if he was comfortable celebrating himself,” GM Brian Cashman said. “He was the king of ceremonies. I think we all know that when he wanted to honor someone or anything no one did it better than he did.”


Last night it was the Yankees’ turn. And just like in ceremonies for the five previous men awarded monuments, it was emotional


The Yankees have worn patches with the initials “GMS” on their uniforms since Steinbrenner’s death July 13. They dedicated last year’s 27th championship to him as well.


“This was his vision,” said manager Joe Girardi, fighting back tears. “We’re very fortunate to come to this ballpark and work here every day.”