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Spring clean your breakfast routine

Spring cleaning isn’t just a time to tackle traditional spots like closets or the garage – it’s also a great time to simplify and refresh your everyday routines. So why not begin with breakfast and make this important meal even simpler for your busy family!

To help get you started, I’ve provided some tips on how to make breakfast a breeze in your house:

Focus on high–quality essentials: Take a good look at the items in your breakfast pantry and make sure they offer high quality ingredients. Choose a fruit spread like Smucker’s Simple Blends Fruit Spreads – they’re made with natural ingredients and contain no preservatives or artificial flavours or colours. Also, choose whole grain products – whether it’s bread, bagels or English muffins.

Minimize prep–time: Mornings are busy enough without spending too much time preparing breakfast in the kitchen. When possible, prepare in advance. Easy tasks like cutting up cheese or fruit the night before can save you much needed time in the morning. Recipes that require more preparation time, like French toast and pancakes, can be made on the weekends and frozen – just pop them in the toaster in the morning and they’re ready in no time!

Switch it up: Most families have a beloved breakfast food, so think of creative and tasty ways to use it in different meals. Put a twist on nachos by replacing salsa with a fruit spread and tortilla chips with flatbread crisps. Simply top with pre–shredded cheese and some fresh fruit for a tasty meal! The same fruit spread adds new flavour to a fruit smoothie – or even a breakfast wrap.

Try something new: Kids can get bored of the same old breakfast routine – so get creative and beat those breakfast blahs! Transform your toast with this simple but pretty breakfast idea. Cut English muffins in quarters, top with fruit spread and arrange a cheese stick and banana slices to resemble a gorgeous edible butterfly.

For more tips and recipes to help refresh your breakfast routine, visit www.smuckers.ca.

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