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Springtime in New York means waterfalls inside the subway

flash flood watch in New York City

The end of winter is a sigh of relief for many New Yorkers — at least the ones who forget how terrible spring can be. Muggy, foggy, unpredictable and, above all, rainy: These are the joys of March and April as we parade around in shorts and sleeveless dresses in hopes of willing away sweater weather.

Mother Nature usually has other plans, as these dispatches from Monday’s commute in New York City show. Last week’s dramatic temperature swing was thanks to a warm front that got nipped in the bud — literally, in the case of cherry blossom trees — by a cold front over the weekend, producing a severe rainstorm just in time for rush hour. Flash flood alerts went out at 7:20 a.m., but commuters were already living the reality.

Take a look at this gallery of misery courtesy of the brave people who continue to rely on the crumbling New York City subway system. Miranda Hobbes, you’re our only hope.

That’s all pretty terrible, yes. But a little flash flood doesn’t stop life in the city. This should be the dictionary definition of New Yorkers:

But it’s not like we could’ve expected this kind of weather.

In conclusion: