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Stampede dust-up on eve of rodeo

The Calgary Humane Society is being called out by the Vancouver Humane Society for not taking a tough enough stance against the Calgary Stampede’s calf-roping event.

Peter Fricker, spokesperson for the Vancouver Humane Society, which is a separate entity from the Calgary version of the organization, said he feels they should make a clear position either for or against the controversial calf-roping event.

“We want them to be clear and publicly announce their official position. We think they appear to be a little soft with the Calgary Stampede,” Fricker said.

Fricker said he thinks the Calgary Stampede has a powerful hold over some Calgary organizations and media.

“It seems some groups are afraid to stand up to the Calgary Stampede,” he added.

Fricker said he would like to see the popular 10-day rodeo fair abolish calf-roping altogether, much like when the Cloverdale rodeo in B.C. ended the same event in 2007.

“We think many people would be supportive of the ban and we find that even some rodeo fans don’t like or support the calf-roping event.”

The Calgary Humane Society was unavailable for comment but earlier yesterday, spokesperson Pamela Amos told other media the organization works closely with the Calgary Stampede.

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