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Standing out from the crowd

Selecting and applying for an MBA program is a long and enduring process, in part designed to separate the committed from the less so. The first stage for many is attending an MBA tour, where admissions directors from top international business schools are available to meet with aspiring MBA applicants.

“The most memorable candidates are those who have done some research on what an MBA is and is not,” explains Christie St. John, senior associate director of recruiting and enrollment at Tuck School of Business.

“They tend to use their time more wisely at fairs by asking pertinent questions about the programs rather than ‘So what is your GMAT average?’ or ‘How much does it cost?’” says St. John.

With over 60,000 attendees at the various fairs on the QS World MBA Tour every year, ensuring that your queries are fresh and original will be vital in making sure that you stand out from the crowd.

Tuck’s director of recruitment, St. John gives a few pointers: “Examples of good questions would be: ‘Do you have courses that focus on corporate social responsibility?’ or ‘Does your marketing track include research on social networks?’ Those are questions that will help [MBA applicants] narrow their search for the right program.

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