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Star-inspired collection

Considering how much she’s been channeling her inner fashion editor (and food expert and health guru and relationship columnist and music writer…) it was kind of inevitable that Gwyneth Paltrow would try her hand at designing clothing too.

Her capsule collection, ZOEtee’s Loves Gwyneth, a series of drapey dresses and breezy separates, hits stores next month. Paris-based designer Laure Pariente who is the brain behind the cult-ish T-shirt brand fills us in on how it all came together.

Q How did you and Gwyneth decide to collaborate?

A It came very easily because Gwyneth was already a fan of ZOEtee’s. So for me it made sense to do a collection inspired by her style and with her input. And she ended up really liking the idea. She loves clothes so that made the collaboration really exciting.

Q How much did she take part in the design process? How did you divide up tasks?

A I met with her twice at her house in London. I took fabric and sketches to the first appointment. She selected seven out of 15 that we drew. And she chose all of the fabric, color and finishing. A month later, I went back with a prototype and did the fittings on Gwyneth. She was really involved in the development process from beginning to end.

Q What about Gwyneth makes her in tune with the brand?

A She really matches the spirit of ZOEtee’s, which is a really laidback daytime style and an easy elegant approach to evening. She’s very casual and active every day. So her collection infused more of that sensibility. The clothing is comfortable enough for a busy morning and elegant enough for an evening out. She’s also very sweet and yet tough. She was really the perfect girl to work with. She brought something new to the idea of wearing jersey. The collection is a play on form with oversized and asymmetrical pieces that you can mix and match.

Q What makes the perfect T-shirt?

A For me, it’s the one you steal from your boyfriend and wear and wear and wear. You can wear it in the morning and then at night, layered over a bra with your heels on. It’s all in the touch, the softness. We work with soft, organic Japanese cotton.

Q Are there any other celebrities who you’d like to work with next?

A I know that Kate Moss is a big fan. She would be amazing. And I recently sent Cameron Diaz a packet of tees and she was dancing in her living room. She’s a fan as well.

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