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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’: What are Porgs?

Porgs in Star Wars 8

In the build up to its impending release, every new trailer and clip for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been meticulously examined and analyzed by the franchise’s legion of fans for clues and hints about the upcoming blockbuster.

But over the last few weeks the abundance of new TV Spots and trailers for “The Last Jedi” have been somewhat overshadowed by the emergence of a brand new “Star Wars” species known as Porgs. If you haven’t heard of Porgs yet you soon will do.

Because once “The Last Jedi” is released they’re going to become the must have cuddly toy and piece of “Star Wars” memorabilia for kids and adults alike.

At the moment, though, most people are still in the dark about the creatures. Which is exactly why we’re here to answer the question that’s on every Star Wars fans’ lips …

What are Porgs?

Rian Johnson was the first to provide us with precise details on Porgs, taking to Twitter back in September to reveal: 

Just one look at the cuddly, doe-eyed creations will also tell you that they have been inspired by puffins. Which is unsurprising because an abundance of puffins live on Skelling Michael, the Irish location where the scenes for Ahch-To were shot.

But while Porgs have been keeping Luke Skywalker company during his many years in exile, the trailers and clips for “The Last Jedi” have shown us that they actually get off the planet in the film.

We have even seen that one of the larger male Porgs will feel the wrath of Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon, who swats away the creature …

Not just that, but another one of the hopefully dozens of Porgs onboard the Millennium Falcon crashes head first into a window during a TV spot, too.

At this point they basically come across as a murder of smaller, furry Charlie Chaplins. Except better. Because in the official trailer for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” we got to hear one of the Porgs squawk.

It’s not just the Millennium Falcon where the Porgs will wreak havoc, though.

During her discussion with Empire for ”Murder On The Orient Express” Daisy Ridley tried her best to suppress spoilers regarding the creatures, but couldn’t help remark, “You haven’t even seen glimmer of the story they offer. What’s amazing too is that they come with us on… Oops, spoiler. I’m umm … sure, there are Porgs in lots of places.”

During my recent interview with Mark Hamill he also spoke glowingly about Porgs, especially when it came to acting opposite them.

“Well, they’re practical. So you don’t have to, normally you have to put down a piece of tape and then you react to it. And they go, ‘Go on.’ These things are fully realized, with tubes coming out of them and so forth. But they are so real looking they are astonishing. That’s the thing, the practical effects vs CGI.”

But not everyone is such a fan.

John Boyega, who plays Finn in “Star Wars,” told Good Morning America, “I don’t like them. I can’t stand them,” before explaining that their “little black eyes” remind him of “holes of trees.”

Boyega might just be acting out following the hugely positive response to the Porgs, though, as back in October he told ET Online, “They’re so cute. They’re rodents, but they’re great.”

While Boyega has now joined Chewbacca on the Dark Side by hating Porgs, it turns out there are some people out there that hate the creatures that much they’ve even gone as far as to allege they’re more snack than animal.

These rumors actually began back in July, when a behind-the-scenes video for “The Last Jedi” introduced Porgs to the world.

In this footage eagle-eyed viewers spotted a quick shot of Chewbacca with what appeared to be a feather hanging out of his mouth.

Cue outrage, as the internet immediately began to predict that the Wookie had eaten one of the Porgs.

Some even looked to defend Chewbacca by insisting that because he was still in mourning for Han Solo he had every right to let off steam by devouring a Porg.

Since then Mark Hamill took to Twitter to insist that Luke Skywalker won’t be joining his travel partner in this particular meal, revealing that the Jedi has been a vegetarian for years. He must have been doing a lot of fishing down on Ahch-To.

Even Andy Serkis, who plays Supreme Leader Snoke in the “Star Wars” franchise, was adamant that no-one should ever consider eating a Porg.

“I think that we should try and resist eating Porgs. I really do,” the actor told the now bordering on obssessed ET Online. “They should have a place on the planet, or the universe. I think let’s all try and not eat Porgs.”

We’ll see if Snoke is a man of his word, and learn just how cute the Porgs really are, when “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is finally released on December 15.

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