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Starbucks Happy Hour today is helping you power through to the weekend

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You’re almost there. The weekend is just around the corner. You’re going to make it, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Helping you pull through the last hours is your good friend Starbucks. They’ve been running drink deals all summer, and they’re once again giving you the chance to caffeinate for cheap. Use that jolt of java energy they’re offering at a discount in the Starbucks Happy Hour today to check off the last things on your to-do list and start your weekend a little early.

There’s just one little catch: your name has to be on their list. Luckily, there’s no dress code or bouncer you have to impress here. Just a couple quick and easy steps and you can add your own name to the list to get delicious drink discounts the coffee shop has been slinging all summer long. We broke down both of the ways you can get in on the promotions to make it even easier. Check out our guide to getting in on Starbucks Happy Hour, then check back here for today’s deal.

Starbucks Happy Hour today

So what deal’s on the table for Starbucks Happy Hour today? Like we said, it’s all about energy this week. You can get BOGO espresso drinks today through the popular promotion. You’ll need to order a size grande or larger to get the discount, but it’s up to you whether you’re going to share your discounted drinks with a friend or enjoy them both solo.

starbucks happy hour today

But before you head out to get your jolt of energy thanks to java, make sure you know what time happy hours is for Starbucks. They might have a list just like your favorite watering hole, but the happy hour times are different. You don’t want to miss out on this delicious deal because of bad timing.

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