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Start your weekend a little early with Starbucks Happy Hour today

starbucks happy hour today aug 10
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Leave it to Starbucks to bring the “Yay” to your Fri-yay! They’re once again making your week, and the lead up to your weekend, even sweeter. You might have been confused when you didn’t see an email coming in early in the week announcing the coffee chain’s beloved drink discount program, but rest assured there is Starbucks Happy Hour today.

You know by now that the bean brewer is a fan of running the promotion on Thursdays. Don’t get us wrong, we love that. We already look forward to Fridays, it’s the one day of the work week that doesn’t really need any more hype. Thursdays are pretty good for being pre-Fridays, but having Starbucks discounts to look forward makes them sweeter than they’ve ever been. But this week they’re mixing things up, and it feels like they’re kicking off the weekend a little early.

But before you take them up on their sweet offer of cash off your cup, you need to have your name on their list. Unlike the list at the club you have planned for Friday night, this one isn’t exclusive — and you don’t have to know anyone to get in. There are two easy ways to get involved. How easy? Each of them will only take you a couple minutes to complete and then that coveted drink discount code is yours. Read up in our guide to the ways to get involved in Starbucks Happy Hour before you head to your nearest location.

starbucks happy hour today aug 10

Starbucks Happy Hour today

Now that you’ve got your code, set aside some time for Starbucks Happy Hour today. Make sure you know when happy hour is for Starbucks, and then get ready for a sweet start to your weekend. And, boy, do we mean sweet.

Check the menu before you go, otherwise you’ll have a hard time ordering your drink for Starbucks Happy Hour today. That’s because you can get your hands on any of their blended beverages, the beloved Frappuccino, for just $3. The deal’s only good on a grande, so make sure you order properly. And mention to your barista that you’ll be using your code before they ring you up. So what are you craving: caramel, chocolate, strawberries? No matter what you pick, it’ll be a delicious way to usher in Saturday.


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