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Staten Island Clown’s creators reveal his origin

Credit: Z100 This is the clown who went viral as the #SIclown and grabbed headlines around the country. Credit: Z100

The clown who briefly terrorized Staten Island streets swung by Manhattan on Friday morning.

The joker was revealed as a stunt by a Staten Island-based production company, but the men behind the prank said it was all in good fun.

“Really, no matter how it is, we like to entertain people,” said Michael Leavy of Fuzz on the Lens Productions. “It wasn’t meant to hurt anybody or harm anybody. It was really just having fun.”

Leavy, along with his brother Michael and Steven Della Salla brought along the infamous clown to radio station Z100′s morning show for their latest hurrah — scaring one of the hosts on her birthday.

“You either love clowns or you hate them,” Michael said. “When you do something like this, you’re going to have people talking it about it.”

Leavy revealed the creepy clown came about as a gag on a local comedian, Vic Dibitetto, who was working on a film with them at the time.

The clown went on to make appearances appearances on Twitter and Instagram accounts, where it eventually went viral as the #SIclown and grabbed headlines around the country.

staten island clown Unsuspecting citizen journalists —and their social media accounts — helped make the Staten Island Clown go viral. Credit: Twitter

“We didn’t expect it to be what it became,” Leavy said, who added the clown’s fifteen minutes might not quite be over.

“There are some plans that we can’t reveal,” he said.

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