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Stay a Skinnygirl on Cinco de Mayo

We wouldn’t usually advocate taking advice from a reality show star. But here’s the thing about Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel: She likes looking good, and she refuses to drink less for the cause. Now that her new Skinnygirl Margaritas have hit shelves — at 100 calories per serving, thank you very much — we checked in for some beach-friendly Cinco de Mayo tips.

Go light on the sweeteners

“Make the sweet component an accent instead of the star,” says Frankel of ordering mixed drinks. “Have a vodka and cranberry, and have a splash of the cranberry with the lime.”

Customize frozen drinks

Order that tequila slushie, but with modifications. “Order clear rum with club soda and say, ‘Gimme a splash of that frozen thing,’” advises Frankel. “The bartender will look at you like you’re crazy, but who cares?”

Manage your hangovers

If you’re sidelined, avoid the munchies. “As bad as drinking and late-night eating is, the next day is where you do the damage with the bottomless hunger,” says Frankel. “Obviously drink a lot of liquids, but keep it interesting — I usually do club soda with apple juice.”

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