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Stay classy, New York Post: Stocks and streetwalkers

The latest installment in a series we like to call, “Stay classy, New York Post.”

What to compare the past week’s wild stock market ride to? A bucking bronco? A roller coaster? An invisible hand dancing to “Rollin’ with the Homies”?

Or you could be like the New York Post and just compare it to a prostitute.

Yes, our favorite New York broadsheet has done it again! This time with a classic front page that we are sure is the sexiest cover about the stock market ever printed.

Alongside a saucy stock photo of a suggestively smoking streetwalker that looks like it came out of the early ’90s, the cover headline reads, “Crazy stox [sic] like a hooker’s drawers … UP, DOWN, UP.”

Is this some sort of joke about the stock market/bankers being hookers/whores? Or is it just an excuse to put a scantily clad lady on a newspaper? We hope it’s the former!

Full-size below;