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Staying warm on those cool fall evenings

Saying goodbye to entertaining during the warm evenings outside is hard at this time of the year as the fall brings cool and dark evenings ahead. Here are a few ideas to prolong your terrace entertaining well into the upcoming months.

Cozy Blankets
Polar fleece blankets are my choice, the synthetic fibres are perfectly cozy for outside use. Throw one on the back of each guest’s chairs to keep shoulders warm once the sun goes down. Use them as emergency or lap blankets in the car throughout the winter and as durable blankets for camping in summer.

Tabletop Heaters
Tall standing heaters are great for cocktail parties when guests are standing but don’t work so great when you are lounging lower to the ground. A tabletop-style heater will keep about an eight-foot radius toasty when on. I use three of them on my terrace to keep a radiant, low heat when having a small group sitting outside.

Outdoor Carpets
What a better way to add warmth underfoot than with a carpet to soften underfoot and keep feet warm. Outdoor carpets are being made with the durability to be outside but can also be used inside the house; a great option for stylish but busy households.

Fire Bowls
Usually fueled by a propane tank, a fire bowl not only adds heat to the great outdoors but add a beautiful fire sculpture even during the winter months.

Electric Fireplaces
Even though many of the outdoor fireplaces don’t put out heat, they certainly create the atmosphere of coziness on a cool night. What’s more heart-warming is looking outside in the middle of winter on a snowy day to see the faux flame dancing outside.

Electric Barbecues
There’s nothing more convenient than having an electric barbecue for keeping snacks and desserts warm while entertaining outside. My favourite is keeping baked apples warm for dessert while dining outside. The electric barbecue is a great option for apartments and condos where gas or propane is not allowed.

LED Candles
Nothing sets a romantic glow more than candles but the fall wind and drafts outside never fair well with wax burning style candles. LED candles are genius; they are battery operated, have a realistic flickering bulb and the candles’ body is often made of wax for a realistic touch and smell. A great way to add a realistic look of warmth to the outside.

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