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Step up your bath game in 2018

Step up your bath game in 2018

Here’s a resolution that’s easy to keep, good for you and actually perfect for the winter: Take more baths.  

Unlike Dry January, the Whole 30 diet, or other punishing New Year’s challenges, bathing is a seasonally-appropriate habit that’s both self-indulgent and virtuous. 

It warms you, relaxes you, soothes your aches and pains and, oh yeah, keeps you clean. Whilst soaking in the tub, you can zone out or practice mindfulness, read a book or stream a show, listen to music or be silent, sip on a glass of wine or let the self-care be a substitute for substances. 

If there were ever a time to take the pastime to the next level, it’s now, when each day brings new lows in both the weather and the news cycle. Here’s everything you need to pimp out your bath time.  

Invest in bath bombs

This isn’t a hot springs in Tuscany; it’s your apartment bathtub. You’re gonna need a little something to jazz up the tap. Enter bath bombs ($5.95-$8.95, Lush Cosmetics). The blend of Epsom salt, citric acid, baking soda and essential oils will transform the bath water with good-smelling suds and swirling colors, looking kinda like My Little Pony on an acid trip. It’s exciting and you’ll feel like a kid again, but still adult, is what we’re saying. 

Pimp your entertainment zone 

For a truly next-level bath experience, you need this water-resistant Teak Bathtub Caddy ($39.99, Bed Bath & Beyond) so you can bring some entertainment into the tub without soaking it. Essentially an adjustable wooden tray that fits across the bathtub, it comes with a slot to hold your mug or wine glass, a book rest to prop up your reading or streaming materials, be it a magazine or an iPad and a soap dish for easy access. 

Create some ambience 

You’re less likely to enjoy tub time if you hate your bathroom. Turn it into your home spa with the addition of candles, bath plants and a quality speaker system. When it comes to candles, it’s your pick; our only advice is to make sure they’re well-contained in a jar or glass to protect from moisture. As for plants, the best options are tropical greens that thrive in humidity. Think ferns, philodendrons, bamboo, or air plants. For speakers, go for the JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($73.46, Amazon). It connects easily to your computer or phone, has great sound quality and is all but waterproof (just don’t submerge it). 

Pamper yourself

Make sure you’re as comfy as can be with a mesh bath pillow, ($16.98, Amazon) complete with suction cups so you can stick it right on the tub.