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Stephen Colbert got Tom Brady to chug a beer and finally eat a strawberry

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Tom Brady and his notorious diet were put to the test on Monday night’s episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

While making the media rounds to hype up the last episode of his Facebook series “Tom vs Time,” the Patriots quarterback was forced to break a few of his fitness rules during his chat with Colbert. The late-night host somehow convinced Brady to not only chug a beer on national television, but also try a strawberry, a fruit that the football star claims he’s “never” tried before because he absolutely hates how they smell.

“It’s not that bad,” Brady conceded after trying one with Colbert. “I did it. Mom, are you proud of me?”

Following the taste test, Colbert got into a beer chugging contest with the five-time Super Bowl winner, which, of course, Brady won easily.

“I was a pretty good beer chugger back in the day,” Brady admitted before taking on Colbert in the drinking contest.

Watch Tom Brady chug a beer with Stephen Colbert

In addition to the food and drink fun, Brady opened up to Colbert about his tough loss in the Super Bowl to the Eagles last month.

“I was pretty disappointed, it was a tough loss,” Brady said. “It’s a competitive sport, no one knows the outcome. It ended up being a great game.”

Tom Brady chugged a beer with Stephen Colbert

Brady went on to talk about his “TB12 Manual,” his approach to fitness and even gave Colbert one of his famous deep-tissue massages.

“The key in my belief is pliability,” Brady told the late-night host. “Pliability is the ability to keep all the muscles in your body long and soft.”

“It’s pretty intense and very rigorous,” Brady added before diving into the massage.

Let’s just say Colbert enjoyed the impromptu spa session.

Watch Tom Brady give Stephen Colbert a deep-tissue massage

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