Stick to the burgers at Alehouse – Metro US

Stick to the burgers at Alehouse

The Ale House is a lively evening spot but quiet on this lunch hour. The decor is rustic and the place has a friendly ambiance.

The Brewery Burger is tasty, served with tomatoes, onions, pickle and lettuce; the meat is substantial and cooked well.

The BBQ Chicken Melt is served on a Panini bun, with chunks of chicken, red onions, mushrooms, and red and green peppers that still have some crunch. It looks appetizing with melted cheddar and mozzarella over top.

Unfortunately, the chicken has been cooked in a too-sweet barbecue sauce that overpowers the sandwich and soaks the bread, making it mushy.

Our steaming, hot homemade fries look great. We dive in to discover they’ve been heavily dosed with salt. The accompanying dill mayo is a nice touch and helps to disguise the salt but if it wasn’t lunchtime I’d be tempted to tell our server to bring on the ale.

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