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Still standing after another year

Yes, readers, it’s time once again for our annual “My life in review.” Some people choose New Year’s Day to stop to take stock, but if you ask me, there are two times you should never think about how life is going: a) when you’re nursing a hangover; and b) when it’s mid-winter in Canada. Which, frankly, feel pretty much the same.

Finances: My local banker has completed a thorough assessment of my financial position and says she’s confident that I can retire on my 65th birthday and live in complete comfort. Just so long as I get hit by a meteor the day after. At the moment, my retirement savings are confined to whatever loose change is under the couch cushions.

Obviously, it’s time for me to adopt a clear, effective financial strategy and stick with it. The strategy I’ve decided on is called “denial.” So, for “finances” I’m giving myself a C this year. It stands for “Could stand a little help.”

Love/Relationships: Some insist that “long-term relationship” is an oxymoron. Much like “bad sex” or “too much coffee.” As my partner, Liz, and I head into our second decade together, I’ve come to believe there are upsides and downsides to long-term relationships. The upside is living with someone who knows exactly what you’re like. The downside is … pretty much the same thing. For love/relationships, I’m giving myself a G. It stands for “Grateful.”

Work/career: This year, I achieved what represents as total success in today’s job market: I had one. Still, many of us hope for more. Buddha said, “Success is not happiness.

Happiness is success. If you are doing what you love, you are successful.” My version goes: “Paying the hydro bill is not happiness. But it helps.” The perfect job is one that addresses both your dreams and your debt. I’m giving myself a B for career. It means, “Still a believer.”

Wisdom: Liz’s rule for life is, “Act with kindness and care, everywhere and with everyone.

Except, of course, when you’re playing hockey.” I learned two important things this year. First, when the makers of allergy medication suggest you not take more than the recommended dosage, there really is a reason for this. And the only way to change your life is to change yourself.

Overall? I’m giving myself an A. It stands for Absolutely Still Standing. At least for another year.

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