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Stitch your own Cumberbatch

This book will leave the adoring fans of British heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch literally in stitches. “Benedict Cumberstitch” contains 15 cross-stitch patterns of the iconic actor, including a scene playing Hamlet, photobombing, and dancing with fellow thespian Michael Fassbender. Colleen Carrington, the 32-year-old creator of the book, explains to Metro the appeal of embroidery for the most fervid Cumberbitches.

Q: What’s behind the ‘Cumberstitch’ book?

– It is a fun and original idea to celebrate the personality and career of Benedict Cumberbatch in cross-stitch form. Cross stitch is timelessly popular and as soon as Tara, the editor, came up with the title we knew we had to do it! It’s a treat for cross-stitchers everywhere to have something a bit different to enjoy.

Q: What are your expectations?

– I hope the book is great fun. It’s quite a novelty and a bit niche – if it introduces cross stitch as a new hobby to even one person I’ll be over the moon. As a cross-stitcher myself it’s refreshing to have a variety of subjects to stitch, and if you’re a Cumberbatch fan, or even love just a few of his roles, it’s very indulgent.

Q: What makes Cumberbatch so appealing as a subject of embroidery?

– We had a big list of design ideas to cut down to 15 for the book. I think that shows just how interesting he is as a person to inspire a designer. His lively personality comes across in the media and fans really run with that, like comparing him to an otter and his photobombing antics.

Q: With this book, surely we’ve reached the limits of Cumberbatch mania…

– I’m not sure it’s fair to call it a mania. There’s always been fans and enthusiasts and I hope Benedict will continue to be a fascinating actor for decades to come. As long as people are respectful, there’s a lot of joy to be found in any fandom, particularly one so passionate and enthusiastic.

Q: Have you heard any reaction from the actor himself?

– No, I haven’t. I’m sure he has better things to worry about. I hope he finds the patterns flattering and not at all creepy! I think he’d see the humour in it. Maybe he is a cross-stitcher in his spare time? He could make his own portrait for his living room wall.

Q: What’s next for you and your book?

– I’ve never wanted to do anything else other than perfect my craft and introduce people to the fun hobby of cross-stitch. I’ll continue to make patterns on all my favourite subjects and have a huge list to get though. If I were to do another cross-stitch book I’d love to do one just on BBC’s Sherlock – I have about 50 ideas for it already.

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