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Stolen car wreaks havoc on Hollis

A stolen car sped down Halifax’s Hollis Street against traffic, smashing into parked cars Thursday afternoon.

Halifax Regional Police tried to stop a grey car on Morris Street before the car squealed onto Hollis.

“He just whizzes by my apartment building, heading against traffic, in hot pursuit by a police car with lights and siren going,” witness Patrick O’Neill told Metro Halifax.

“Once they passed, about 30 seconds later, a paddy wagon zooms down Hollis Street against traffic with the lights and sirens going,” he said.

Police said they turned on sirens to warn the public but did not pursue the car. O’Neill said he saw several vehicles swerving to get out of the way. Several parked cars were struck, according to police.

The heavily damaged vehicle was found shortly afterwards next to a Brunswick Street parking garage close to Cogswell Street. The car was in rough shape, particularly on the front driver’s side, where the metal was torn back like a sardine can.

Police have not yet located the driver but continue to investigate.

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