'Stop being racist against white people' graffiti found on Red Line train - Metro US

‘Stop being racist against white people’ graffiti found on Red Line train

@LiberalBadIdeas / Twitter

The MBTA has briefly removed a Red Line train from service after the authority was notified of graffiti inside the train that related to the current contentious political climate.

The graffiti, written in marker, read“Quit your weeping, she lost!!! Stop being racist against white people!!!” according to an image shared on Twitter.

The MBTA was notified of the graffiti via a Twitter message, said MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo. The specific car was closed to riders Monday morning until it could be removed from service to allow workers to clean off the graffiti.

“Vandalism of MBTA vehicles will not be tolerated,” Pesaturo said.

It’s not clear who originally took an image of the graffiti but it gained attention after it was shared by a Twitter account called Liberal Bad Ideas and then by Universal Hub. Another rider confirmed the graffiti in a tweet to the MBTA and shared the car number.

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