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‘Stop YouTube Red,’ YouTubers pen angry Change.org petition


Less than 24 hours after YouTube announced their paid subscription service, YouTube Red, a Change.org petition against it has been formed to shut it down.

In case you’ve been asleep, or away from a computer or smartphone for the past 24 hours, YouTube Red is a newly announced subscription based service from youtube that for $9.99 a month will give users ad-free videos, offline syncing, original content and a Google Play membership.

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Frankie H. of the United Kingdom wrote the petition which has gained a little over 5,000 signatures.

“We as a youtube community do not want youtube red to happen. youtube is a place where people can go for sanctuary and yet youtube is taking this away by making people pay for block ads and forcing anyone that works with youtube/google to go forward with youtube red which means many very popular youtubers will be on youtube red which leaves the people who can not afford youtube red left out,” Frankie H. waxed in the petition’s description.

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“Youtube has not thought about the creators at all and the viewers as well. why are they destroying a community that is so well built and has been around for years?! once again people are separated from each other because some can afford it and others can’t. there is a site where you can just download the video anyways without the ads FOR FREE.”

Those who signed the petition echoed Frankie H.’s sentiment.

“YouTube has always been something where ANYONE can build an audience and create a following, this defeats the entire purpose of YouTube,” Emily A. wrote.

“IT SO F—ING STUPID,” Sophie Rutland emoted.

“This is an abomination and the poorer people won’t be able to enjoy this amazing thing that has been created for all,” Hannah Johnson mildly grandstanded.

The petition is gunning for its next goal of 7,500 signers, check it out onChange.org.

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