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Stormy Daniels plans to donate NDA money to Planned Parenthood

Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti

If Stormy Daniels wins her defamation case, she will reportedly donate the $130,000 from the NDA regarding the alleged 2006 Trump affair to Planned Parenthood. And who will this donation be attributed to? Trump and long-time lawyer Michael Cohen.

This is signifant (and significantly ironic) because Cohen arranged the payout, sent in 2016, to prevent Daniels from discussing the alleged affair. Trump has denied ever sleeping with the adult film star, and Daniels has sued both Trump and Cohen, claiming the NDA form is invalid — Trump never properly signed it.

Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, tweeted out this lawsuit in March:

Also, Trump-backed laws (specifically the failed Graham-Cassidy bill) have threatened to defund Planned Parenthood. “This administration is taking every opportunity to attack women’s rights and specifically women’s health,” Lauren Cross, press officer for Planned Parenthood, told Metro in an interview last fall, when Trump was making major efforts to pass Graham-Cassidy.

The Daily Beast received word about Daniels wanting to donate the $130,000 to Planned Parenthood from Penthouse Magazine, which will feature Daniels on its cover in issues hitting newsstands May 8. The magazine names her the “Most Wanted Woman in America.”

“Sources close to Penthouse have informed The Daily Beast that Daniels ‘talks about everything’…” The Daily Beast wrote, including alleged sex with the president, the defamation case and the 2011 incident in which Daniels claims she was threatened by a man to “leave Mr. Trump alone” and keep quiet about the affair.

A composite sketch of this man was unveiled on “The View” Tuesday and, as of that night, Avenatti is offering $131,000 to anyone who can disclose leads that will “positively identify him.”

“I don’t have shame,” Daniels told Penthouse. “You can’t bully me.”

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