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Strategy, laws needed to protect coastline: EAC

Nova Scotia has a “dysfunctional” relationship with its coastline that needs to be fixed, says a new report by the Ecology Action Centre.

Part of the problem, the report claims, is inappropriate developments blotting the coastlines, wrecking coastal habitat and increasing vulnerability to climate change.

Another issue is that coastal jurisdiction is spread across 15 government agencies.

“The current chaotic system with its confusion and constant fighting between different government departments and municipalities encourages bullies to exploit loopholes, take advantage of inconsistencies, and generally do whatever they want,” says the report, authored by Jennifer Graham.

The report lays out a series of recommendations.

The EAC wants the provincial government to publicly announce its commitment to a coastal management strategy. Then it wants that immediately backed up in legislation that lays out “practical regulations to ensure effective consistent coastal management.”

Also, there needs to be one overall department in charge of coastal management, the report says.

“Our coast is in trouble,” writes Graham. “However, right now we have no policy to deal with that, let alone a government body that can turn policy into action.”

Report online

The report can be viewed online at www.ecologyaction.ca/content/coastal.

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