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Stream ‘Love Addict,’ a documentary that asks if romance is unhealthy

The Danish documentary The Danish documentary “Love Addict” looks at romantic obsession.
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There’s no shortage of films (and books and think pieces) about sex addiction. But do we ignore another addiction: love? It’s expected in our society that we pair off with someone, eventually for the rest of our days. The cost of failure can send us spiraling into depression like little else.

The 2011 documentary “Love Addict,” made in America by Danish filmmakers, doesn’t have answers or even an agenda. It simply looks at three stories of people (plus some anonymous stragglers) who find the subject dominating their minds. The film streams for purchase below, courtesy the online film service Distrify:

The people in “Love Addict” are love-obsessed, meaning they may pine unhealthily for those uninterested in them or stay in relationships that may not be ideal. Throughout you’re asked to ponder why love, unlike most emotions, so dominates our thoughts, forcing you to wonder if love is good or if it is — as the Gang of Four song goes — “like a case of anthrax.”

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