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Stressed? Head to Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay

Are you or your loved ones people who have trouble relaxing? Is it because you’ve never been to Half Moon in Montego Bay, Jamaica? It might be.

Sure, when you first get there after a few hours cooped up in an airplane, you might still be feeling a little tense. But then they’ll offer you a glass of fresh juice (alcoholic if you prefer). Next you’ll head to your room, which probably faces the ocean, and order a little jerk chicken to eat on your porch while you watch the waves. At that point, it’s pretty much impossible not to feel some tension drain off.

The 400-acre Half Moon resort is one of the oldest resorts in the country. People have been vacationing there since the 1950s , and the resort offers a variety of accommodations, from suites facing the two-mile-long private beach (shaped like a half moon, thus giving the resort its name) to villas with five to seven rooms that come with their own cook, housekeeper and butler, plus private pool.

Things to do

If you get tired of sunning on the beach, unlikely as that seems, the resort also offers tennis lessons led by infinitely forgiving instructors, who will politely lie to you about how much your backhand is improving after you hit every ball into the net.

There’s also an 18 hole golf course on site (the flattest in Jamaica) if that’s more your speed.

Ocean-side relaxation

But the biggest don’t-miss is probably the signature massage experience, offered at the Fern Tree spa, a massive indoor/outdoor space offering a range of services.

Make sure to go for one of the sessions that takes place in a bungalow over the sea. You know those wave sound effects that usually get played during a massage? Try listening to the real thing, since the bungalows only have three walls, all facing the beach. The fourth wall is open to the ocean.

Eat this

Though opportunities abound to try the trademark Jamaican jerk chicken, another fine way to sample it is at the Friday night beach barbecue, which also offers up the chance to eat some roast suckling pig. Be sure to stay long enough to hear the live music.

Resort chic

If you’re not lucky enough to have a private cook whipping up dishes in your villa, meals can be had at a variety of spots. The main dining area is Seagrape Terrace. It’s open to the water, like much of what you’ll find at Half Moon. At the highest end is the very chic Sugar Mill.

Be prepared, though: The resort takes seriously its casual elegance dress code, and Sugar Mill is a place to show off your finest while eating like a king. This is not the sort of restaurant where you throw a cover up over your swimsuit and walk with sandy feet into the dining area.

​​Famous guests

The resort has long played host to some bold-faced names. Jackie Onassis Kennedy once wrote a will while she vacationed with John, and the Queen stopped by a few years ago.

Prince Harry also rented out one of the villas for a visit in 2012, but alas, we were assured that nothing scandalous occurred.

Learn more about Half Moon Resort at halfmoonresort.rockresorts.com.