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Strike 2 Toronto

The possibility of a strike by workers at Ontario’s liquor stores prompted restaurateurs and residents yesterday to rush out to stock up on booze, in some cases enduring lengthy lineups only to find already barren shelves inside.

News of a possible strike by Liquor Control Board of Ontario employees at 12:01 a.m. today made for a manic day in the province’s 600-plus stores, as people left with their arms laden with bottles and cartons as if preparing for doomsday.

“It’s very inconvenient — most restaurateurs do not have the cash flow to purchase two or three weeks’ worth of alcohol,” said Nick Kypreos, manager of Jacobs and Company Steakhouse in Toronto.

A liquor store strike would be a double whammy for Toronto residents, who could face a sobering as well as smelly summer.

The city is already in the midst of a municipal strike that has brought garbage pickup to a halt and shut down city-run daycares, parks and recreation programs.