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‘Stronger’ director explains why Boston films are so successful

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“Stronger” is the latest in a long, long line of films set in Boston that have been adored and beloved by critics and fans alike. In the not-too-distant past the likes of “Good Will Hunting”, “The Departed”, and “Manchester By The Sea” haven’t just caused moviegoers to laugh, cry, and be thoroughly enthralled, but they’ve also provoked those watching to immediately try and imitate the film’s native tongue once they’ve finished, too.

David Gordon Green, the director that brought “Stronger” to the big-screen has now opened up about just what makes Boston films so popular with both audiences and filmmakers.

“Oh it’s great,” Gordon Green immediately responded when I asked him about shooting in the city. “It is infinite, but the characters that we got to know, the real-life subjects, were so animated, and expressional, and passionate. One moment it was extraordinary, the next it was devastating, and they live in these beautifully animated worlds. I just love people that can have emotion that is that accessible.”

But what really stood out to Green about the city and its inhabitants was their sense of humor. And while Green is aware that “Stronger” is far from a comedy, he did admit that they tried to incorporate the blunt and curt phrasing that comes hand in hand with this humor. 

“As harsh as it is sometimes to hear, it is wonderful to know where people are coming from and how they communicate. It is also a very inviting sense of humor and ball busting that I find hilarious. I wouldn’t say there are jokes in the movie, but there are blunt phrases that I just can’t help but smile at.”

Green is doing the humor in “Stronger” a disservice, as it is integral in helping to keep the film grounded and providing levity in what is a strong and powerful story. You can check out just how powerful “Stronger” is for yourself, as the film is now in cinemas across the US.