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Struggling? Schools can help

Have you ever been so stressed you want to cry? I know many students feel this way at this time of year, but let’s aim to make December a tear-free month. Consider month’s end as the light at the end of a very stressful first semester tunnel.

Along with the holidays come party planning, mobs of mall shoppers, and family functions, which often equal stress and distractions. Taking on too many social commitments on top of final projects and exams can impact your focus and quality of work.

Often student’s boiling points are reached when deadlines collide, and road blocks occur in projects. This can make ideas not flow as well as they usually do and important concepts might be difficult to understand.

If you find yourself struggling, it’s important to reach out for support. Schools usually have learning centres that offer one-on-one tutoring, seminars on study tips and skills, and note-taking techniques. English as a Second Language students may also benefit from specific ESL workshops, conversational clubs, and reading groups. Most of the services are free and designed to ensure student success. These centres also have quiet places to study with no distractions.

You can learn valuable time-management skills that can help you co-ordinate your assignment deadlines, giving you enough time to properly tackle tasks, avoiding last-minute pressures and anxieties.

It’s important to take advantage of services available on campus; they’re there to assist you in succeeding. So stop procrastinating and go take a time-management workshop!

They may not be able to do your holiday shopping or attend your family events, but the staff at learning centres can provide you with the tools, resources, encouragement and direction to help you battle your school-based stress.

Save your tears for a moment of happiness instead. Happy Holidays!

– Tracy Rogers is the Career Services Co-ordinator for Seneca College, Seneca@York Campus.

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