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Student issues dominate Ward 1 debate

With last night’s Ward 1 forum having been held at the University of Calgary, student issues came to the forefront for many.

All six candidates participated in Civic Camp’s citizen forum, where topics like affordable housing, transit and urban sprawl came up.

“I think that all those issues affect students just as much as they affect anyone else in Calgary,” said Hardave Birk, VP external for the U of C student’s union.

“All of us are eventually going to graduate and become a community member as well.”

Varsity resident Chad DeLand said that as a bicycle commuter he is concerned about how to get around the city.

“What I’d like to see … is the idea of physically separating bikes and cars with concrete barriers,” said DeLand.

Birk said transportation is one of the biggest issues he’s heard from the student body as well.

“A lot of them are concerned with the park-and-ride fees, and the parking costs here at the University,” he said.

Two candidates, Chris Harper and Ric Lockhart, were asked about developing a relationship with university students.

“The university is a community and they deserve to be treated like any other community,” said Harper.

Lockhart responded by saying, “They’re part of our city, they’re part of our culture and we should embrace them.”

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