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Students demand universal transit pass

More than 700 people gathered yesterday at a Vancouver park to call for a $25 universal transit pass for students.

Rally organizers said Premier Gordon Campbell promised the same-price passes prior to the last election.

Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia students pay $25 for their transit passes, but students at smaller schools pay as much as $71, which organizer Tiffany Kalanj said is not fair.

“What we have is a situation were students are riding the same bus, but some are paying three times more than others by virtue of where they study … All we are asking for is a fair system,” Kalanj said.

Nicole Majcher, a Vancouver Community College student, said the money she could save on her $50 pass would enable her to buy her several essentials.

“Twenty-five dollars less might not sound like a lot, but we have to buy $140 textbooks, food and supplies,” Majcher said. “Twenty-five dollars means everything: Five pieces of paper for art class, pencils, milk or eggs for the week.”

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