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Students fight tuition hike

On Twitter, he was referred to as Teflon Alan — nothing seemed to stick.

Still, students rallied yesterday at the University of Calgary for a Day of Action, then a town hall forum with Provost Alan Harrison, questioning the school’s funding tactics.

“We have the government who will grant to us the potential authority to modify tuition in certain programs,” said Harrison.

His words didn’t sit well with those in the crowd, as Harrison appeared to defend the proposed tuition hikes — some faculties being hit with a 46.5 per cent hike — and other professional faculties being hit with double-digit fee increases.

When students asked about the tuition comparison to other schools with lower tuition, Harrison could only respond, “Those aren’t the ones we compete with.”

“Students are concerned about the huge increase in tuition fees and how it’s being implemented in a short amount of time,” said Charlotte Kingston, president of the Students’ Union.

While small annual tuition hikes can be expected, the size of proposed tuition increases galvanized student resolve across the campus.

“It’s good to see so many students raise their voice as one against this big issue that could affect everyone at university,” said business student Manjot Sandhu.

“But not that I want to be a pessimist — I still think no matter what we do, they’re still going to increase the fees.”

Advanced Education Minister Doug Horner told Metro on Monday that unless a mistake was found in the current funding formula, the massive increases would not go ahead.

The province will make their final decision Feb. 26.

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