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Students learning to be cyber smart

Calgary schools continue to use a variety of tools to educate students on the potential risks posed by the Internet, according to one representative.

In the wake of an alleged sexual assault involving two youth who met via a social networking site, Const. Kathy Macdonald of the Crime Prevention Unit said cyber awareness is becoming increasingly important.

“Its very important that the kids are aware of some of the risks and this is an opportunity to talk to them about some of the risks and then give them some tools,” she said.

“The schools have embraced the technology … so it’s important that everybody work together and learn together.”

Macdonald said the Calgary Police Service visits more than 100 schools every year to educate youth.

At the school level, Janet Corsten, a spokesperson for the Calgary Catholic School District, said education is beginning at a young age.

“I think it’s something that teachers are certainly beginning to address in classrooms at the elementary age level, so teaching kids as soon as they’re able to start using resources online,” she said.

Every year in March, the Calgary Police Service partners with other community organizations for Online Safety Week.

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