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Students set to oppose bus pass age limits

Mature students from universities and colleges across the city are expected to be making their case against age limits for OC Transpo student bus passes today, but the transit committee chair is downplaying chances of a reversal anytime soon.

As of July 1, full-time students over the age of 27 were no longer eligible for the student discount for monthly passes.

Transit Chairman Alex Cullen is opposed to the age cap, but he’s advising patience in having it removed since it would require approval from two-thirds of city council.

“At the very least we can review it for the next cycle,” said Cullen. “But it means that these students are caught.”

Student groups hope to have the cap lifted as soon as possible, but Ted Horton, the vice-president of university affairs with the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa, said they would be satisfied with any decision to have it lifted.

“If they are going to recognize that it’s a bad decision and they are going to undo it for next year, then that’s a victory,” he said.

If the transit committee votes to lift the cap, it will be discussed by city council on Sept. 9.

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