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Students ‘stand up’ to help rural communities in India

Josh Butcher didn’t spend his Monday night playing video games or watching his favourite TV series. Instead, the Grade 12 student from Austin O’Brien Catholic High School raised $500 over night for his school’s “Stand Up For” Day.

A total of 200 students from six Catholic high schools took part in the second annual event, collecting pledges to help humanitarian projects in India.

“I really wanted to raise a lot of money,” said Butcher, who first asked friends and family, and then went door to door in his neighbourhood to collect money for various projects.

“I told people what it was all about and really tried putting into their heads what we can get out of donation. It really came to them that they can make a big difference as individuals. With $30 you can buy a water filter. With this alone you can help a whole village.”

The school raised more than $7,900. Students were allowed to chose what their collected money should be used. They were able to purchase 479 malaria nets, 146 water filters and one shelter box.

Carla Cuglietta, chaperone of Austin O’Brien, will be bringing the money to India this summer.

The following year students will get a report back from what they were able to achieve with their donations.

Cuglietta, who started doing charity work with the students eight years ago, says the “Stand Up For” days have been a great success.

“It just keeps going and going because they’re so happy see the person’s name that they helped.”

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