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Study reveals how likely you are to lose your keys

Getting locked out of your home can really put a huge damper on your day, however a new data study shows that it happens more often than you think.

New York City-based KeyMe — a cloud-based locksmith that allows users to store, share and duplicate physical keys using a digital scan on their mobile devices — released data Tuesday on lockout trends throughout the nation.

The information in KeyMe’s study is based on user data from the service and third party statistics from leading US data providers.

According to the data, men are 36 percent more likely to get locked out than women while single people are 15 percent more likely to get locked out than married individuals.

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More than 51 percent of all lockouts happen in the afternoon hours and 29 percent of them take place on Saturdays — with 21.8 percent of lockouts happening on Sundays.

KeyMe was also able to highlight the number of people who get locked out annually in five major cities: Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Dallas and Boston.

In Philadelphia 657,128 residents get locked out annually; 533,279 residents in Chicago; 105,395 residents in Dallas; and 49,464 in Boston.

New York City had the largest number of the five cities with 1,912,780 residents getting locked out of their homes per year.

According to KeyMe, residents in Manhattan’s Lower East Side have a 43 percent chance of getting locked out in the next 12 months, with Chelsea residents running a chance of 36 percent.

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