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Stuff your face with weird Thanksgiving turkeys

Because hanging out with your in-laws all day isn't terrifying enough.

A 21-year-old New York resident with Massachusetts ties is facing a decision after an explosion at the Dakota pipeline protest: Should she allow doctors to amputate her arm?

The U.S. is suing a New Jersey town for rejecting an Islamic group’s plan to build a mosque.

Remember that special prosecutor Donald Trump said he would get to look into Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation? He changed his mind.

Trump’s grandfather asked to return to Germany, according to an archived letter.

Trump’s foundation said it violated a ban by transferring income or assets to a “disqualified person,” according to the 2015 tax returns released this week.

Hillary Clinton received more votes than any other presidential candidate except Barack Obama.

What will you stuff your turkey with this year?

More information was released about theBrooklyn man who was arrested for supporting ISIS.

Families in New York are on the precipice of a “hunger cliff,”a new study found.

Abull escaped a slaughterhouse in Phillyand took to the streets in search of freedom.

Bruno Mars talkedabout Adele and Prince.

Marc Anthony and ex-wife Jennifer Lopez shared the stage last week just hours before Anthony and his wife Shannon De Lima split.Have the flames of Anthony and J.Lo’s romance been rekindled?

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