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Style: Tips for building a bigger, bolder brow

Whether you want Kate Middleton’s regal arches or the wild, wolf-like gaze of model Natalia Vodianova, the first step is to stop overplucking and let your eyebrows grow. Paris-based makeup artist Serge Hodonou, whose clients include Bjork and Freida Pinto, talks us through the next steps.

Identify your face shape: “You need to create proportion,” Hodonou says. “On a long, angular face, a curved brow will add roundness and softness. On a more rounded face, straight brows will create a more angular, defined structure.”

Choose the right color: “Stick to shades of brown and stay clear of black, as this will bring harshness to the face, even on natural brunettes,” he says. “Blondes should go for a shade just a little darker than their natural color, such as light brown.”

Create your shape: “Thickly draw in the shape you want with an eyebrow pencil or some loose powder. I don’t use a liquid eyeliner pen because it doesn’t look natural. Apply a lot of color on the top half of the eyebrow (not under), as this will help lengthen and widen your gaze. Once you reach the tip of the eyebrow, never go too low, as this will drag the eye down.”

Tap it out: “Aim for natural, not drag queen. Tap and brush the color using your fingers and then use a Q-tip to remove any excess. Use the Q-tip to blend in the color and avoid graphic straight lines that look fake,”?he says.

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