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Subreddit /r/RoastMe begs internet to insult users

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“What’s your address? You just won a lifetime supply of condoms courtesy of the human race.”

That’s one of the top comments on a user’s submission to a strange, strange subreddit called /r/RoastMe in which users post images of themselves and beg the community to insult them.

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With about 80,00 users subscribed to the subreddit, the community seems to be very much alive and kicking.

The community is in the same thread of online communities as the depressingly all too real /r/AmIUgly in which users post pictures of themselves and ask the community to, you guessed it, tell them if they’re ugly.

The only difference is that this subreddit claims to be “a comedy subreddit, not a hate subreddit,” and instructs its participants to “act accordingly.”

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In an effort to investigate the subreddit, your friendly neighborhood Metro web producer with an iron strong stomach and ego, posted a photo of himself to the subreddit.

Roast me like one your French girls,” he wrote as the title of his post, misbelieving this would be seen as funny.

It wasn’t and the insults he received were interesting and scarily close to reality:

“What’s it like being kicked out of every Ricky Martin backup dancer audition?” – wuh_happon

“You look like a member of a college improv group who was kicked out for touching the other members inappropriately.” – Girfex

“You remind me of Curious George for some reason.” – cbebop3

“You’re as original as this reference” – Rubene3, wrote referring to my “Titanic” reference.

“Mario Lopez after being repeatedly stretched out by a rolling pin.” – ethniccosplayishard

“You are one of those creeps with an armpit smell fetish.” – HairyRooster

“I didn’t know they had a “still in the closet” section at Baby Gap” – dialfordesi

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