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Subway surfers may be screwing up your NYC commute

Someone has been intentionally pulling the subway brakes to ruin commutes around the city. 

Earlier this week the NYCT Subway account shared on Twitter that someone was purposely pulling the 2/3 lines emergency brakes. Luckily, no one has been injured, just inconvenienced. 


These brake-pulling incidents have been happening frequently for a few months, and potentially for years. According to an interview with Pix11, MTA chairman Pat Foye said, “We were reluctant to discuss because of copycats,” Although they are seeking out an individual, they believe there could possibly be a group of people pulling the brakes. 

Just like any villain, this subway surfer has a signature M.O. According to an article by Jalopnik.com, “The suspect disrupts service primarily on the 2 and 5 lines from Flatbush Avenue in central Brooklyn to midtown Manhattan.” 

They went on to include that the subway surfer, “… climbs aboard the rear of the train as it departs a station, unlocks the safety chains, somehow gets into the rear cab, and triggers the emergency brakes. Then, he disappears, most likely through the subway tunnels and out an emergency exit.”  Pix11 also reported that the criminal “…somehow has keys to a locked panel where the emergency brake switch is located.”

These subway surfers have not been caught; however, NYPD have recently put out a video of a supposed subway surfer. He is described as a 20 to thirty-something with brown eyes and black hair. 


The NYPD and MTA want the public’s to help catch the subway surfer of New York City, because what kind of monster does this fun? After a long day at work, no one wants to be trapped in a non-air-conditioned, overcrowded car.  

According to another tweet published by NYPD Crime Stoppers, this subway surfer was last seen, May 21, 2019, at around 5:43 p.m. heading north on a #2 train at the west 14th and 7th Avenue station. 

Anyone with information can contact the NYPD tip line at 800-577-TIPS (8477) or directly message them on Twitter at @NYPDTips. All calls are anonymous.

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