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Suffolk County bans caffeine powder sales to teens

Suffolk County Government

Long Island teens will now have to get their caffeine the old fashioned way.

Suffolk County banned the sale of powdered caffeine to minors on Wednesday. The law, which was supported by the local health department, is the first ban on caffeine powder in the country.

“Powdered caffeine is a dangerous health threat to everyone, but especially minors,” said Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory, who co-sponsored the bill. “A single teaspoon of powdered caffeine is the equivalent of 25 cups of coffee, and the potential for overdose and abuse is a clear and present danger. We are hopeful the FDA will adopt a similar ban and carefully regulate dosage recommendations as well as requiring prominent warning labels.”

Next month, Suffolk County officials will travel to D.C. to lobby for the FDA to classify pure caffeine as a drug.

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