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Sugarfina’s new chocolate bars are the perfect excuse to eat candy for breakfast

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Cereal’s been taking over as a food trend. First Momofuku Milk Bar got us hooked on their cereal milk soft serve, and now you can find Cinnamon Toast Crunch-inspired protein powder and chocolate bars studded with pieces of the sweet cereal. Well, candy connoisseurs, your favorite high-end candy boutique getting in the game with their own line of Sugarfina chocolate bars that use the sugary breakfast staple — and you can get a free taste this weekend.

The Sugarfina chocolate bars are part of a new Candy for Breakfast line, a mission we can get behind. They’ve launched Cinnamon Crunchies, “cinnamon toasts [that] are dipped in creamy milk chocolate and covered in a crisp candy shell,” and Fruity Loops, which feature a “crispy cereal center covered in creamy milk chocolate, then dipped in a fruity candy shell.” They look good enough to pour into a bowl and devour with a spoon. Gummy eggs are also part of the line because, of course they are.

Meet the Sugarfina chocolate bars

But back to those Sugarfina chocolate bars. The eye-catching indulgences are available in three favors: Marshmallow Cereal, Fruity Cereal and Cinnamon Cereal. The base is a lovely pastel chocolate the company sourced from Paris, generously covered with each of the beloved cereals you probably enjoyed from childhood (and college, and who are we kidding, this morning).

The Marshmallow Cereal Chocolate Bar looks fit for a unicorn with its soft pastel blue base and rainbow edible accents. Pastel pink is the foundation for the Fruity Cereal Chocolate Bar that’s almost — key word being almost — too cute to eat. And the white chocolate under all those cereal pieces in the Cinnamon Cereal Chocolate Bar is so covered with the breakfast staple and cinnamon that it looks the delicious milk left in the bottom of your bowl.

sugarfina chocolate bars candy for breakfast

Try Sugarfina chocolate bars for free at their tasting event

If you have a Sugarfina boutique near you, we have some even better news. Before you go overboard and order everything, you can sample each sweet at a tasting event they’re holding this weekend. Head out to your nearest Sugarfina boutique location on Saturday, July 28 between 11am and 1pm to try free samples, sip some coffee and orange juice and celebrate #CandyforBreakfastDay in style.

Don’t need to try the Sugarfina chocolate bars to know you want a dozen of them? You can now order from the entire Candy for Breakfast line through their website.

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