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Suite Talk: Back to the classics in West Village

An eclectic mix of classical elements feels new again at West Village proving that whimsy and wow factor don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Designer and principal Marlene Makowka of Hefele Makowka Design Associates Inc. created a model suite that referenced past designs while staying true to modern appeal to resonate with West Village’s target market.

“The inspiration here was to create something that was very current-looking that young professionals and first-time buyers could aspire to but also feel like they really wanted to live in. We wanted something that was a bit of pizzazz and glamour yet still exuded an inviting, comfortable feeling that was tangible,” Makowka said.

A luxurious chenille couch pays homage to Bauhaus design and acrylic chairs hint at 1960s-era ideals while modern tropes like stainless steel appliances and black granite countertops in the kitchen keep things squarely planted in the present. Tonal choices throughout the suite shy away from outdoor colours and instead create a setting well suited for modern sheen.

“We tried to stay away from the traditional beige tones and focused instead on taupe tones that would let us create a neutral enough background to incorporate mirrors, stainless steels and acrylics,” Makowka said.

In the master bedroom, Makowka upped the comfort level by going with richer tones and textures like the plum velvet chair and woven fabric headboard.

“Because it’s the bedroom we wanted to bring in additional warmth so we’ve taken the colour palette and deepened it to achieve that. The bedding and walls are a deeper tone than what we have in the living area and by changing up the textures we add a bit of warmth and interest,” Makowka said.

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