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Suite Talk: Three times the Woodlands

Dramatic design comes in threes at Woodlands.

The Oakville development of condominium townhomes ratchets up the drama with three distinct looks that play with warm and cool tones.

Design co-ordinator Lisa Munnings and her team outfitted a variety of different model homes to showcase how malleable each space can be to individual tastes.

“It was important for us to create three different suites to show that people are able to easily fit their own style into these homes. The overall aim that we went for was to create a design that would be flexible, something a bit modern but with a classically elegant feel,” Munnings said.

Deeper tones dominate the look of two model units designed for a cooler, more modern look. Rich wood provides a framework for drama in the suite while earthy, neutral tones add a touch of elegance as well.

“We were able to create a more dramatic look with dark wood tones and espresso cabinets and we used beiges and greys with leather fabrics and accent hits. It’s a very popular look that appeals to a lot of people and it’s also very user-friendly because you’re not tied to a specific colour,” Munnings said.

In the third model unit, Munnings went for a more traditional feel with lighter shades of wood and overall tonal choices that focus on warmth and spreading light throughout the suite.

Throughout all model units the use of accessories is tastefully light, with a focus instead on artwork to tie colour choices together.

“Art is one of the most important things that you choose for a room because it really creates the feel in that room. Using art to add colour into a space is quite important and we also use art as inspiration to pull colours into the room,” Munnings said.

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