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Summer essentials for NYC subway survival so you don’t melt on your way to work

summer essentials nyc subway

Let’s all face it: the stations for the NYC subway in the summer are small steamy purgatories. There’s really no good alternative, though. Biking just gets you moving in the heat (read: sweaty) and your boss was pissed when you showed up late after your Uber Pool got stuck behind a trash collector. Since you already have that monthly subway pass, here are the summer essentials you need to brave the cauldron of human misery that is the NYC subway system when the temps hit triple digits.

Summer essentials for surviving the NYC subway stations

These summer essentials will keep you cool and get you to work looking presentable. After all, you don’t want to start that big meeting looking any more sweaty and disheveled than your nerves were going to make you.

summer essentials nyc subway hyperchiller

Poof! It’s iced coffee thermos

It doesn’t matter how it works, only that it does and it’s pure magic. This thermos takes your fresh hot coffee and transforms it into one of those must-have summer essentials: perfectly iced coffee. By the time your train decides to actually make it to your stop, you’ll be cool, resfreshed and thoroughly caffeinated.

Get it now: Hyperchiller Coffee and Tea Chiller, $29.99

summer essentials nyc subway bottle

Damn good water bottle with mist action

It’s not enough to just have a water bottle. Before long, the cool water you packed is bubbling from the heat and no relief at all. This bottle, however, not only insulates your cold water so it actually stands more than a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving your commute but also mists you with a fine, cool spray to keep the sweat streaks at bay. Don’t be surprised if a stranger tries to get close enough to steal your mist.

Get it now: O2COOL ArcticSqueeze Insulated Mist ‘N Sip Squeeze Bottle, $9.61

summer essentials nyc subway dog bottle

And one for your doggo, too

Don’t let your best furry friend suffer. Think the heat underground is bad? Just try it with a fur coat. This pet water bottle is commute-friendly: it’s leak-proof and compact to take up as little space in your bag as possible. The activated charcoal filter is a little goop-gone-to-the-dogs but at least you know nothings creeping into your poor pet’s sweet water relief.

Get it now: PETKIT EVERSWEET Dog Water Bottle, $13.40

summer essentials nyc subway mini fan

Discreet fan to keep things moving

Maybe that’s a tropical breeze, or maybe it’s just the air coming off a railway trash fire. Pretend it’s the former with this phone accessory. It’s more fashionable than those old-school handheld bottles with a fan and misting action, and it lets you check your email at the same time, both of which are necessary if your train decides to leave you stranded in a hotter than hot station on your way to work. And, no, it’s not Apple exclusive. They work with iPhone, iPad and Android. There’s no discount for Amazon Prime Day, but we doubt you’ll complain about the cost.

Get it now: Keklle 2-in-1 Mini Cell Phone Fan (6 Pack), $8.30

summer essentials nyc subway ice bandana

An “ice snake,” whatever the heck that means

We’re melting, so we’re not exactly in the position to question this company calling their product an “ice snake.” All we know is it’s a frozen pack of “sweet lord, that feels better” that tucks discreetly into the collar of your shirt. Reviewers claim the heavenly icy feeling lasts for 45 minutes in the 110 degree heat of Arizona, so it should hold you through those unexpected (but, c’mon, expected) NYC subway delays.

Get it now: Icy Cools Ice Bandana, $9.99

summer essentials nyc subway wipes

“I’m not sweating, are you sweating?” wipes

You don’t sweat, you glow — at least that’s what these wipes will make them think. They’re packaged individually so you don’t have to carry around a whole pack. Even better, they’re unscented and they won’t leave white marks. Hey, if people can find a place on the platform to pee, you can find a discreet spot to wipe your face, neck and maybe even your pits. Don’t think something dainty will cut it? You can always stock up on Sweat No More’s extra large body wipes (also individually packaged) for when the weather is beyond miserable.

Get it now: La Fresh Travel Lite Antiperspirant Wipes (50 count), $19.99

summer essentials nyc subway setting powder

Powder to put an end to the makeup melt

The stations for the NYC subway get hot. We mean really, really hot. So that light dusting of setting powder you applied before you left the apartment is probably long gone. You can head to work shiny enough to blind someone with mascara down to your chin, or stop the makeup melt with a couple discreet taps. Your choice.

Get it now: Dermablend Loose Setting Powder, $27

summer essentials nyc subway ice roller

A little bit of icy heaven on the go

Heat headache? Eye puffiness from retaining water in the extreme humidity? This discreet ice roller takes up little space in your bag, but the relief you’ll feel is enormous. Multiple reviewers claim they didn’t experience any condensation with theirs, but in the heat of the NYC subway we’re not sure that will hold up. Even if it drips, we’re calling the water droplets worth it and adding this to our list of summer essentials.

Get it now: ESARORA Ice Roller, $11.99